In an effort to ensure 100% satisfaction, we encourage our customers to provide us with feedback about their experience during the planning, design and installation phases of their projects. This page provides some insight into that feedback and our customer’s experiences.

Good morning Mr. Bortz,

We are so pleased with the glass and mirrors installed in our home by your company. In addition to a window replacement, we had glass installed in cabinet doors, two frameless showers with sliding doors, and two complicated medicine cabinet projects with glass in the back of the cabinets and on both sides of the doors as well as additional adjacent pieces to create a floating mirror effect.

Marcos Diaz and his assistant Marcos E. are fine craftsman whose workmanship and attention to detail deserve special praise. Again, we are delighted with the results, but also want to thank them for their professional conduct on the job site. They took special care of the surrounding materials and installations including marble counters, marble and wood floors, and painted surfaces. They were pleasant and cheerful. They considered our wishes at key points during the installation. Their self-confidence and unhurried technique set our minds at rest.

Of course, their efforts would be in vain if not for the perfect measurements made by Jorge Barragan. Jorge also provided expert design and technical advice during the planning of these projects. He is the consummate professional, a real perfectionist, and we want to thank him for the fine work he did here.

Doris Cardenas was instrumental in getting the work done. Doris negotiated a good price with a supplier when their bid came in far higher than our original quote. She was knowledgeable and helpful when we needed technical advice. She returned all calls promptly, processed all the paperwork efficiently, and in general was a real pleasure to work with.

Finally, we want to thank Mike for working with us on scheduling and for providing expert technical advice to Marcos Diaz during the mirror installation.

Thank you so much for letting your employees know how pleased we are with the results here.

Best regards from your very satisfied clients,
Gail and Richard

Thank you for the beautiful shower door. It is everything we really wanted for this guest bath. Your installers were very nice and did an excellent job with the install. I would definitely recommend DGM to my friends and will use you again if the need arises.

Robert R.

The mirror is in and looks good. I was very impressed with the 2 men who installed it. They were quiet, respectful to the place and cleaned up beautifully. Good job!


Rod was very helpful & thorough and completed the window install in a timely manner. He also went out of his way to fix my screen door.

Andy S

Both installers were on time, courteous, clean, respectful and quick. Great experience!

Anonymous Customer

Shower doors were everything I expected and more. Delighted with your product!

Richard S

The installer is very informative making sure I am notified with the position where the bathroom shower sliding door is going to be. I appreciate it very much.

Anonymous Customer

So pleased with the product! Installers were amazing!

Emily B


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